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Alicante province give us an ideal area of Spain for your vacations of sun and beach, the Costa Blanca. There you will find not only 200 kilometers of coast with white sand beaches, but also boulders polished by swells and vast sand dunes that change with winds. Along the road that runs north-south Alicante you will find coves with quiet environments, towering cliffs, sea caves and forest extending to the seaside. The Costa Blanca is also a land of towering mountains, fertile valleys and protected natural spots. It also offers wines and gastronomy, monuments and traditions. There you will find many different towns and cities, all of them under the Mediterranean warm climate that accompanies all year and which makes the Costa Blanca a place you must visit.

Transport from every part of Spain is really accessible, due to the recent inauguration of the AVE that arrives to the RENFE station in the center of Alicante. Once you get there you will find trams, trains and buses heading to all coast towns, frequently. There is also the Elche airport, 8 kilometers away from the Alicante capital.

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Holidays in Benidorm

Just 10 kilometres away from each other, Benidorm and Villajoyosa are two Alicante towns characterized by a special microclimate of soft and temperate winters, and summers tempered by sea breezes, which allows visitors to enjoy nature, combined with the rise of modern and comfortable urban nucleus.

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Holidays in Santa Pola Alicante

Eight kilometers are between SantaPola and Arenales del Sol. Like all towns in the Costa Blancatiene very good time, Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. Both are coastal areas with large clean beaches.

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Holidays on the Coast of Almeria

Almeria is one of the most charming places in which visitors can enjoy rural tourism and the sun and beach. For sea lovers, its coasts totaling over 200 kilometers of coastline, which displays the best of Almería beaches, bays and coasts.

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Holidays in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol extends along more than 150 km of coastline in the province of Malaga in southern Spain. It’s known as “Coast of the Sun” due to its 325 days of sunshine all year around, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors whenever you like.

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